The Cyrus Eaton Foundation

The Cyrus Eaton Foundation is a family foundation located in Cleveland, Ohio, where Mr. Eaton made his home. All Trustees live or have lived in Cleveland or are related to Cyrus Eaton, affording us a direct connection with the life of the city and personal involvement in its welfare and a clear understanding of Cyrus Eaton's vision. Making site visits helps us know you and understand if your mission, goals, and efforts are something we can support.

The Foundation's early giving patterns reflected Mr. Eaton's belief that what makes a city great is the quality and diversity of its institutions. He was a founder of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and a sustainer of the Cleveland City Club, both of which are Cleveland landmarks. In later life, he donated land to the fledgling Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area (now the Cuyahoga Valley National Park). 

Since Mr. Eaton's death in 1979, the Foundation has focused its support upon newer organizations that have arisen to meet community needs in new ways, such as Community Shares of Greater Cleveland, Facing History and Ourselves, and the Heights Observer. We have also been pivotal supporters of Cleveland Opera and other art institutions during their formative years. Recently, we were one of the first supporters of Edwin’s Leadership and Restaurant Institute.

As philanthropists, one of our greatest satisfactions is watching as these newer, less-known organizations grow and become effective institutions whose work changes the face of our community - an aim that Mr. Eaton would have approved.  We do not typically give to groups that are funded by United Way or who have strong funding from large foundations.

While a preponderance of our grants are made to organizations in Cleveland and northeast Ohio, we are committed to the support of both Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs (, which Mr. Eaton helped fund and the Pugwash Park Commission ( as well as conservation-related activities in Pugwash, Nova Scotia  (Mr. Eaton’s birthplace and the birthplace of the Conferences).