Meet Cyrus Eaton Foundation Board Members


Vice President

Vice President



Cathy Eaton grew up on a farm next to her grandfather's in Northfield, OH and visited him in Deep Cove, Nova Scotia. Retired from teaching English, she focuses on photography and fiction writing as well as volunteering at Thinkers Lodge. She stewards a website,  that contains historical documents narrating the contributions of the Eaton's and the lodge, a national historic landmark. She wrote Thinkers Lodge: Its History and Legacy. She moved from Cleveland Hts to NH. She is our web master and on the grant committee.




Robert LeFevre is grandson of Cyrus Eaton and was a long time resident of Cleveland. As a child, he spent summers with his grandfather in Deep Cove, Nova Scotia.  He currently lives in Modesto, California where he was a hospice doctor.  He attended Hawken School, Western Reserve Academy, and Case Western Reserve Medical School.  An avid sailor and skier, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his grandchildren. He is a member of our finance committee and is passionate about reaching out to those in need in the health and welfare areas.


Vice President

Matt Eaton is the great-grandson of Cyrus Eaton.  He currently works in the technology industry in quality assurance and lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.  In  the past he has worked for community organizing non-profits as well as for disaster recovery groups.  Like his great grandfather, Matt is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys exploring new landscapes whenever he gets the opportunity. He is our assistant web master.

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Henry (Hank) Gulick is the step son-in-law of Cyrus Eaton and played numerous roles in the Cyrus Eaton Foundation for over thirty years.  Currently, he is the treasurer, monitors our investments, keeps our books, and runs the office.  He is a member of our finance committee.  He is an accountant. Hank is passionate about conservation and encourages all to take care of our planet.


Ralph Higgins, Jr. is a law partner at Frantz Ward Attorneys of Lawand for many years has been our legal consultant as well as a member of the finance committee with Hank Gulick.  Ralph enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren and is very active in his community.

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Shelley Rose is an Assistant History Professor at Cleveland State University specializing in German and European history, world history, gender history and transnational history, and she teaches courses in Modern German and twentieth-century European history. Professor Rose's current research focuses on gendered uses of peace in German politics and reevaluates the influence of transnational networks in the German political arena. She brings her passion in history and peace to the Cyrus Eaton Foundation.

Assistant Secretary


Alice (Lissy) Gulick is the step-daughter of Cyrus Eaton, and she has been a Cyrus Eaton Foundation board member for over 30 years.    As secretary, she keeps our minutes and is a member of the grant committee. A talented actor, singer, and writer, she is passionate about encouraging participation in all the arts.  When not performing in plays, she can be found in her garden, volunteering in the community, or singing.